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For 2 decades of his career, he releases albums more than 60 titles from his own label Solstice and also from various labels, touring more than 20 countries around the world along with his laptop performance, while composing for classical ensembles like Ensemble Die Reihe(Austria), Paragon Ensemble(Scotland), Banda Municipal de Barcelona(Catalunya), etc.  Prolific and wide range variety of his original music from orchestral work to live electroacoustic improvisation, is beyond the frames of music category: "One of the most imaginative composers in the world", All Music Guide.

Scores available at   Scoreexchange.com

Masashi Sasaki: Koji Asano: Viola Suites "Switzerland"

Avanza String Quartet: Koji Asano: String Quartet No.1-No.4

Koji Asano: Trio Suites No.1-No.3 for Oboe, Piano and Cello

Koji Asano: Baroque Ensemble No. 1 - No. 5